The 2020 SupplySide NEXTY Awards Winners Best Condition-Specific Supplement:  Skinesa

The 2020 SupplySide NEXTY Awards Winners Best Condition-Specific Supplement: Skinesa

November 10, 2020

The 2020 SupplySide NEXTY Awards Winners Best Condition-Specific Supplement:  Skinesa®

Informa Markets Announces Winners of the 2020 SupplySide NEXTY Awards for Best in Supplement, Food, Beverage and Branding Innovation

PHOENIX, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Informa Health & Nutrition, a leader in bringing more health to more people, via education, data and content brands, has announced the 2020 winners of the second-annual SupplySide NEXTY Awards. The awards program recognizes innovation, inspiration and integrity in the natural supplements, food, beverages and branding categories.

In the SupplySide NEXTY Awards, winners are determined through a judging process by the SupplySide content team and a panel of experts that offer insights into key aspects of product development. More than 330 entries were reviewed and narrowed down to 45 finalists in 10 categories. A single winner was then selected in each category for its: wellness trends, ingredient innovation, health impact, and ability to solve today’s health and sustainability problems.


The 2020 SupplySide NEXTY Awards winners are:


  • Best Allergen Free Product: Brooklyn Bites’ Cinnamon Coffee Cake Cookie Brittle

  • Best Brand Storytelling on New Product: Pulp Pantry’s Pulp Chips

  • Best Clean Label Food/Beverage: Three Wishes’ Unsweetened Cereal

  • Best Condition-Specific Supplement: Skinesa’s Skinesa®

  • Best Digestive Health Product: Llama Naturals’ Prebiotic & Probiotic Bites

  • Best Functional Food/Beverage: Vive Organic’s Energy+Focus Shot

  • Best Life Stage Specific Supplement: Ponce De Leon Health’s Rejuvant

  • Best Nutrient Delivery Innovation: PRO Rich Nutrition LLC’s PRO Rich Frozen Nutrition Tubes

  • Best Product for Pet/Animal Health: Jiminy’s Cricket Crave Dog Food

  • Best Sports Nutrition: Wellabuv’s Relief

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