I’ve been trying topical solutions on my skin since I was kid...for decades. OMG, Seriously, I've tried everything...this really works!

Regina K - Georgia

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Skinesa Skin Probiotic

No results

I was hoping this would help my psoriasis (the red, flaking, itchiness), but it didn't do anything. I ate a high fibrous diet as it recommended but it did nothing for my skin. My stubborn spots are still there. I was so hopeful after reading the reviews and seeing before and after photos. I am disappointed but will keep looking for something that helps. I'll see if they really give me my money back.


I have battled psoriasis for the last 5 years. I’ve read books, changed my diet and even took probiotics! My flair ups would get better for a short time but wasn’t sustainable and I succumbed to the idea that this is just what I have to deal with. Long skirts in summer and constantly hiding what looked like a disease to the world. I was a little skeptical but knew from research that psoriasis was linked to leaky gut syndrome so a probiotic exclusively for skin might just help. Two months in, my patches of psoriasis are almost completely gone! I am excited for my three month mark but in all honesty, this company can NEVER go out of business!! At the end of the day, if you are dealing with psoriasis, you have nothing to lose by trying this product. But I’m telling you.. there is a good witch somewhere whipping up a batch of Skinesa that may just cure what you’ve been fighting. Put your weapons down and take this probiotic... the war has been won! I am forever grateful and cannot wait to wear a cute little skirt ( and feel much cooler and confident) this summer!!!

Skinesa saved my life

Have 4 year old son with SEVERE eczema who has had multiple hospital stays the last couple of years. We began to see results after about 7 weeks with 75% improvement at the 3 month mark. We are 5 months in and couldn’t be more thrilled.

feeling and looking better

My skin has been getting since I started Skinesa and less itchy too


I've been taking Skinesa for almost a month now, and my skin has definitely stopped itching as much. There would be episodes overnight, where I'd scratch a bit, as well as during the day but it is NOT as nearly as bad as before, which I am very happy about. I'm not entirely sure if it's because of skinesa, or the effort that I have been putting towards my overall health and skin, but I'll be looking forward to seeing more progress down the long run! :)


Inflammation is greatly reduced, arms smooth still some spots, legs spots and inflammation reduce but still present, face completely clear

It's works!

I have had skin rashes all my life! But, this past year I developed Rosacea. I was at odds with this new development with my skin. I went to see a dermatologist to confirm that I indeed had Rosacea and started looking looking into causes and triggers. Hence, finding Skinesa! I am now on my third month and 95% clearer face issues. If you have skin issues I highly recommend giving Skinesa a try!

No Significant Changes

Did not see a significant improvement. Did not make it worse either.


It is helping my digestion but not my skin issues.

great results

It's going great! I couldn't be happier so far and am anxious to see the results in a few more weeks. :)

skinesa review

Unfortunately my son started Skinesa about the same time as we started Dupixent. Dupixent kicked in and helped him immediately. We cannot tell if Skinesa has helped, but figured it can't hurt so he is just continuing to take it.

Give it time

Give it time

Two week in...

While I'm in this for the long haul, after taking Skinesa for 2 weeks, I can feel a difference already. My skin, overall, feels calmer and my itching episodes are not nearly as often. The itching of my scalp is pretty much gone and the itching on my back has improved greatly. I'm looking forward to "seeing" a difference, too, as time goes by. At least these first 2 weeks I feel like I'm on the right path to healing the imbalance and not just masking with drugs. Very excited to continue!

to earlier to say, I need to see after a month

Dind't Work

In my case didin't work. My Skin stills not clear and I have the same Itch ad before, even though I took them for 90 days. That's sad, I had so much hope. I will keep searching.

I see a difference in my skin since I started taking skinless, it is clearing up I’m so relieved, I just hope I have the right cream I’m using cetaphil it seems to be working

I intend to keep taking this

My skin is better than it was when I started taking Skinesa. I can’t say with any certainty that it’s purely because of Skinesa, but it’s been part of my wider efforts. I plan to keep on taking it for the foreseeable. Customer service is great btw.

Skinesa Skin Probiotic

Noticeable difference!

I have been using Skinesa Skin Probiotic for a year for a moderate psoriasis outbreak that has lasted over 20 years. Within the past year I am down to 40% of what it was prior to taking the probiotic. I look forward with hope for completely clear skin!

I love it

I've been using Skinesa Skin Probiotic for four months now. I love it. I suffer from psoriasis (Ps). My dermo doctor put me on Otezla (pill) and warned me of potential side effects. I take my morning dose with Skinesa (and a protein shake) and have NO side effects from Otezla. While I can't swear that Skinesa is magic, I do feel it helps my system work well with my Rx. Once, I skipped a Skinesa; my tummy that night was very noisy! (but not awful).

Too soon to tell.

About one month on skinesa probiotic.

About one month on skinesa probiotic. First picture taken about 15 days in, second taken 10 days later. Really hoping this healing continues! Also this is probably my least severe area, hoping I start to see improvement on my worse areas!


Still haven’t noticed a difference

Started Skinesa

I think its still too early too see results. But my skin doesn’t feel as itchy. But i will keep on with the program.