I’ve been trying topical solutions on my skin since I was kid...for decades. OMG, Seriously, I've tried everything...this really works!

Regina K - Georgia

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I have been grasping at straws for so long. When I saw your ad, I was so depressed. I thoroughly researched Skinesa and thought,”What have I got to lose.”
60 days have passed. I see a real difference!!!! No new patches, no itching, what patches are left are getting smaller. No adverse side effects whatsoever! Can’t thank you enough!!

I see no difference since starting Skinesa

My skincare problems have not changed since using Skinesa. I have had an itchy inflammatory rash that comes and goes for the past 3 years on my chest and face. This has not made a difference.

It helps

I’ve used these probiotics for 5 months and have noticed much improvement. Psoriasis is not gone but it is not a thick plaque.

Doesn’t work for psoriasis

Didn’t do a single thing in 90 days

So far - so good!

I am 60 days in to the 90 day trial - and have to say that so far I am pleased with the improvements I'm seeing. Looking forward to seeing what a full 90 days and beyond provides! Thanks Skinesa!

A must have!

I have been a regular customer of skinesa for over a year now and I have no regrets. The probiotic is very easy to swallow with no after taste or nausea after taking. My eczema is no longer an issue and my acne cysts have disappeared. Thanks to a consistency of taking this supplement along with a plant based diet and tons and tons of daily water consumption.


I have 2 areas clearing, my head and neck are a little less itchy and the crepey skin on my arms has improved.

Did not notice a difference

Tried for 90 days and did not notice a difference. Hope the company truly stands by their 90 day money back guarantee.

Not a bad product

90 days in. Skin is soft. No new acne no real skin issues.

It has really helped me to cope with Eczema. The itching has toned down so I can sleep at night. I have been using Skinesa, on and off for almost 2 years. Thank you Skinesa!!❤

2 months

Looks like its improving. Will know more after Month 3.

I won't go a day without it

Finally, a product that does what it says it will do!
Does it cure my psoriasis? No, but nothing will but it does keep it under control. My flares are fewer and less severe since starting this product.
I can not say enough good things about this product and this company.
This company truly cares about it's customers. Once, when I was laid off, they did not want me to go without, so they sent me a free bottle. They did that again when I was in the hospital having surgery.
They know how important it is not to miss a day of this product and so do I . I will never go with out this. Thank you so much for developing this. Skinesa for life.

I gave it a try

I've been trying your product for a year now and it doesn't seem to work for me ..please stop sending it and stop charging my credit card..this product doesn't work on severe psoriasis

Contact dermatitis - systemic nickel sensitization

My situation is too complex to draw any 1:1 conclusion but I plan to continue to take Skinesa as one supportive measure as I also follow a low nickel diet and take other measures recommended by my treatment team.

Not sure yet what to think and don’t know that I’ll ever know

My skin is better and improving. I can’t say that the skinesa probiotic has been the only intervention but it has been consist save for a couple of days while I waited for my product to arrive on the recurrence schedule that may need tweaking to ensure daily dose. I continue to take it knowing that biome adjustment takes time and may not be remarkable until suddenly it is rebalanced.

Helps some

I’ve been using for 2 months now. My psoriasis looks some better. Some areas have cleared. Others still have flare ups and must
Go back to steroid creams. But I use it less now. For now I will continue use

Helping !

The Skinesa, is helping to clear up my face with my Eczema Would be much worse! if I didn't take it at all!
It is Much better ! and Less Expensive then using Dupixent injection! with Cost $ and some Bad side effects! I read about!

Great results with a few months

Great probiotic that delivers what it promises. Just take it 1x/day. I’ve seen amazing results w/ my facial complexion and my body skin texture overall improve. I feel confident w/ less or hardly any makeup. This is really worth the investment.

I’m thinking the pills have helped me a lot, my scalp mostly and itching on my body
I need to order more


Not sure if helping, do not see much improvement.

Not sure

I’m not sure if my skin is better, I trust because I must. You do send too much product — I have months ahead. Could you stop for a while? I bet not.

Amazing results

Omg so I have psoriatic arthritis and had this crazy rash on my hands, arms, and legs! After the first week I saw amazing results! Now it’s been 2 months and it’s 98% gone!! I’m really excited to see the results after longer use. Also my bowl movements are back to normal. This probiotic is life changing for me and I would recommend to anyone!! Thank you Skinesa 💗

Zero results

Took it religiously. Modified my diet. Exercises. Hydrated.
Absolutely no change in GI or skin. Total waste of money. Very unhappy


I am absolutely in love with this product! My skin has never looked and felt so good! Also I’ve been able to eat more foods! -an eczema warrior.

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