I’ve been trying topical solutions on my skin since I was kid...for decades. OMG, Seriously, I've tried everything...this really works!

Regina K - Georgia

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Great product

This product has help me improved my very irritated and sensitive skin. The inflammation that my psoriasis caused has greatly decreased and has almost cleared. I take this Skinesa together with my plant-based topicals and both has worked wonders for my skin. Now I can enjoy wearing clothes without worrying about my skin. Thank you for a great product

Great Product!

My skin is so much better. It really works!

So far it has been the best cream I have ever used


I have been dealing with dermatitis for 7 months, extreme itching, going totally crazy. I have been using skinease, also stop a medication, and going for light therapy. Don't know if any one thing helped but the combo totally healed my skin.Thankful for the results.

The best thing I’ve ever done for my skin

I’m about 60 days into this, and my extremely bad eczema has already improved DRASTICALLY. It’s honestly kind of shocking there was an option like this out there that I didn’t know about, I thought I had tried everything. Order it today and stick with it for 90 days. You won’t regret it.


Could not tell a lot of change

Could help others I returned mine and need reimbursement.

Incredible Improvements

I had had a skin tag on one of my eyelids for about 4 months which seemed to be getting larger and more noticeable. After the fist couple of weeks on Skinesa it had vanished.
I had two other lumps just underneath my right eyebrow - although not visible, but I could feel them. They are some sort of benign (I had them checked) - calcification/deposit - One has disappeared and the other is much smaller now - yay 😀

Started Skines 12/18/21, today is 3\14\22

I’m responding to a request to review the product, the email from the company says I started taking their product about 60 days ago, which is why I put the dates in this post’s title. I did not see one iota of difference in my skin. I decided I would give them the full 90 days, I received their reorder subscription notice and decided I would cancel further shipments. According to data sent to me by Skinesa, most people in their study found the greatest amount of skin improvement is between 60 and 90 days of use. Since I’m just a few days shy of 90 days I feel no need to continue paying for something that has had no effect on my eczema skin problems. Will they refund any money, that remains to be seen.

My progress

After close to 90 days on Skinsea my skin is 80 percent psoriasis clear. Looking forward to 100 percent. Thank you so much for your product.


So far the product is working

Skinesa® Skin Probiotic

Great Product

I was extremely unsure this product would work for my psoriasis because I was giving no positive information and your team was not sure it would work for my skin condition so I tried it any way after using your product over 90 days now my psoriasis is getting better very pleased with it. I will continue to use your product.

No Difference

Did not see a difference. I have a rash on my arms and was hopeful this would work (along w/ cutting down on sugar & removing gluten from my diet). It did not work for me.

Slowly, it’s worked!

My eczema was flaring up really badly on my palms and my neck three months ago. I saw Skinesea and decided to give it a shot. Not much improvement the first 2 1/2 months but by the third month, they start to clear up nicely. I hope continuing to take it will keep the flare ups away 🙏🏼

It’s working!

My eczema and psoriasis is about 80% cleared up about two months in! I have cut many inflammatory foods and added in Skinesa and I believe both are making a huge difference! I will use this long term as it’s worth the money with these results!

It did not do anything for me

I was really excited when I started based on the reviews I read online but the product did not work for me

Too Early To Tell

I've been using Skinesa now for about 50 days now and it's still too early to tell if it's working for me. I still have been having some rash breakouts on my arms. Like promised they say that it needs to go for a full 90 days to see whether it is effective or not, so here's hoping.

Skinesa® Skin Probiotic

Did nothing at all

I saw no change at all.


It’s a slow process, psoriasis is slowly getting lighter not so red. Hopefully after 90 days it will be significantly better. Still on the journey.

Product Review

Beginning to see no new rashes. Hopefully this positive trend will continue.

Better than any prescription!!!

As a pharmacist with horrific dermatitis flare up after my COVID vaccine, I tried topical steroids, oral steroid for 8 months and NOTHING worked!! I gave skinesa a try what did I have to lose? Three weeks later my skin problem was COMPLETELY GONE, I even stopped bloating and have lost 9 pounds! I have recommended to so many people and they have had success stories too!!! You have to get this thing!!!

It's working

I noticed a skin improvement after 2 months of use. I've also complement with red light and UV therapy and there's definitely least itch. Thank you for providing good probiotics for people suffering skin conditions.

Doesn’t work on psoriasis