I’ve been trying topical solutions on my skin since I was kid...for decades. OMG, Seriously, I've tried everything...this really works!

Regina K - Georgia

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Better results than I expected!

I didn’t expect to see any improvement for a few months but I saw an improvement in the condition of the skin on my hands in about 3 weeks. I have eczema - itching, rash, peeling, cracking on my fingers that makes life miserable but after 60 days the results are remarkable. I think my skin will likely be completely clear within another month. Very grateful for Skinesa

Skinesa® Skin Probiotic


My skin appears to be smoother. I have not had any breakouts. I’m happy with the product.

Reduced the itching to the point that we stopped Zyrtex

We have been using Skinesa for about 60 days for my 3 year old son to treat his eczema. While i haven't seen any effects for his skin yet, it definitely helped to reduce the itchiness to the point that we dumped Zyrtex! I am so excited to take him off this Zyrtex medication! It is definitely a win!

No rash after using and helps a little too with eczema.

Stopped getting cystic acne

This did great wonders for my cystic acne but not so much for the white heads. Took 2 months to see results but it worked great. One thing I noticed is that the skin on my arms and legs got way smoother, and I think this helped my digestion a bit

Broke a mutli-year cycle of eczema, HIGHLY recommend

I've cried tears of joy over what this product has done for me. As a chronic sufferer of eczema (AD specifically) I'd been suffering from a mix of stubborn, constant patches and regular flare-ups in other areas. Using Skinesa consistently has actually STOPPED the constant eczema I have on my hands for the first time in nearly 5 years, and it has greatly reduced the intensity of and number of flare-ups I have. I started this product in 2020, and I swear by it. When I forget to take it for a period of time (which has happened), I will eventually notice due to a worsening condition of my skin... which further validates Skinesa's efficacy for me. If you think you've tried everything, please do yourself a favor, and gift yourself with the chance for healing. That was me before trying, and I'm so grateful I did.

It definitely works! Will always take it!

I have been taking Skinesa since it was first launched. I somehow even ordered my first bottle during their internet ordering testing.
How’s that for being the first paying customer?
I had psoriasis so bad on my lower legs that nothing had helped. When a friend told me about this new product launch I decided to give it a try. I stopped everything else to really give it a true test. I could feel a difference is just a couple if weeks. Since my legs were so bad and it had taken over two years to get to this stage it did take about 3 or 4 months to see major improvement. I will always take Skinesa and even for the areas with no major issues it makes my skin feel soft and supple as I say like a baby’s behind!


This product as helped tremendously. My eczema on my neck was severe and I only have one small spot left to heal . Thank you so much

Love this!

I started using Skinesa a couple of months ago. My skin is smoother on my arms and I feel it could be possibly helping my Vitiligo that I have. I have a patch on my elbow that seems to be filling back in with pigment. I have scalp dermatitis and I'm hoping it will help that as well. So far it is not, but I'm going to stick with Skinesa for the foreseeable future as I do see results! Be patient though, it takes time!!

Did nothing

Waste of money

Skinesa Skin Probiotic


It’s a good product. I expected a little more…

Huge improvement

I’ve had severe eczema my whole life. After a couple of months, I my skin started clearing up. Now, it the best it’s ever been and I’m considering whether I can go off other medications.

Money talks

Im happy with the product. How can you tell? I keep buying it.

It doesn’t work. Waste of money and hope

doing great. just one thing. reorders were sped up. no need for a rush. thks

Stuff works amazing

Only stuff I have found to help me amd my skin conditions.

Most effective treatment for my eczema yet!

Started SKINESA about four months ago not expecting a lot. Have tried so many things including Dupixent, and have been very disappointed. It took over ninety days but now my skin is better than when I was on Dupixent. I am truly grateful for this product and am a customer for life!

It has relieved the itching somewhat but I still have a little over a month to go so the jury is still out.

Love Skinesa

I had many skin issues, then discovered that it all starts in the gut. Taking Skinesa helps balance bad bacteria with good bacteria and that is a good place to start! :)

Not sure this product works for Psoriasis

I'm on my third month using this product for Psoriasis and not sure if its working. Still have significant itching and rash on abdomen. Arms and legs are a better visibly but skin is very bumpy. Scalp still scaling and sometimes itchy. I continue to use prescription Clobetasol on it so thinking that is helping instead of the Skineas. Unfortunately I don't think this product is working for my psoriasis.

Great results

I’ve had psoriasis for a few years a s nothing has seemed to help other than biologics which I can no longer take. My legs where covered and elbows. Now I can wear shorts again without embarrassment. I would say after 3 months I am about 80 percent healed, but the redness and the white flakes are gone. Thank you I’ve tried a of different products and this has had the best results

Game changing product!

Since puberty I've had mild acne regardless of the time of the month. Although it wasn't bad, I still would always have 1 or 2 ugly pimples. Since using Skinesa, I haven't had any of my "normal" breakouts! And I started seeing results within 2 months. I'm so grateful for the clear skin that I now enjoy on a regular basis. Would highly recommend!


I have battled eczema on & off my entire life (50 years). However the past 3 years I battled an extreme case that I could not clear up with my usual remedies (Prednisone pack, steroid, diet changes, etc...) I keep food logs & eliminated every possible triggering food, quit wearing expensive line of all natural, mineral makeup, quit using all hair products ... still no relief. In a last ditch effort, I ordered Skinesa. About 2 months in, I had a severe allergic reaction to an unrelated antibiotic and pharmacist instructed I not mix the probiotic with the antibiotic. Once I finished the antibiotic I resumed Skinesa. About 2 more weeks and I started noticing differences in my skin. I have been taking Skinesa consecutively for 9 months and I hope to never stop. I've had flareups recently in the last 3 weeks BUT they are mild and manageable. I am thankful for Skinesa.